Tell Your Local Conservative Candidate in the May 6th Elections You Won’t Vote For Them if the Govt Brings in Vaccine Passports

A reader has written in with a suggestion for how to influence the Government on Covid vaccine passports – “make the Conservative Party fear for their jobs”. Having received a Conservative Party leaflet for the local elections on May 6th (with the name and telephone number of the local candidate), the reader sent the candidate the following text.

Thank you for your letter and application to vote by post. Are you in favour of the use of Covid passports within the UK for access to venues and events such as sporting events, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and pubs? If you are in favour of Covid passports within the UK I shall not be voting for you. My vote will go to the Liberal Democrats, who – unlike the current Conservative Party – seem to be both liberal and democratic. If you are NOT in favour of the use of Covid passports within the UK, please lobby the local constituency office to have a word with Mr Gove that he should re-discover true conservative values. Thank you.

If enough people do this, a powerful message could be sent from the grassroots to Conservative Campaign Headquarters. But will they listen?

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